Polyester mat and Compound mat manufacturer

Forewer is one innovative professional Fiberglass mat, Polyester mat and Compound mat manufacturer. We are a famous brand in the fiberglass and waterproofing industries in China, We offer various standard raw materials for SBS and APP modified bitumen waterproof membrane solution. We also have the ability to manufacture customized the compound base mat size of modified bitumen waterproof membrane for special requirements.

Forewer committed to providing the highest quality Fiberglass mat, Polyester mat and composite mat for waterproof roofing solutions. Fiberglass mesh of our Composite base mat have 4×4,5×5,6×6,7×7 and costomized. As professional suppliers, We introduce the most advanced design, materials, and technologies. Forewer products are designed, manufactured and tested comply with PAS 1008:2016 and COA Code of Practice. The production process is controlled under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000. All our products conform to the industry requirements and regulations and possess full sets of certificates and approvals, example SGS,  CRCC, EC, FDA.

Forewer Polyester and Compound base mat Quality Assurance

We implement our basic quality philosophies from the Polyester base mat, Compound mat for SBS and APP modified bitumen waterproof roofing membranes.
Designed, manufactured and tested fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008 & SGS

Forewer aims at a high and constant level of quality. In order to ensure the quality of key elements of Polyester mat, Compound mat and Fiberglass mat, we  are trying to produce the great fiberglass and cotton no woven mat by our technology team.
The quality assurance systems of Forewer has been approved by the international organization in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001.We are proud of the qualification and honor created by our integrated teams, in a variety of different industries.

Why Forewer

Our experienced engineers and workers design and manufactured the qualified Polyester mat, Compound mat and fiberglass mat as the inside reinforcement of modified SBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane and asphalt shingles.
We use the first-class fiberglass and great cotton mat for compound mat.
Then we are factory so we can help to control the cost, to offer the best price.

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