Forewer produces Polyester mat, Compound mat and Fiberglass mat as base internal reinforcement materials for SBS and APP modified bitumen waterproof membranes.

Forewer is one innovative professional Polyester mat, Compound mat & Fiberglass mat manufacturer. Our experienced engineering team has worked for more than 10 years in this industry. We continuously research product innovation design and production technology.

The key of our success is good faith.We have a highly efficient team to deal with inquiries from customers.We are experienced in selling goods to many countries and regions and enjoy a good reputation among clients.With 3 factories, we can provide a wide range of products.Our main products now include fiberglass mesh, Fiberglass Compound Nonwoven Mat/Compound Base/Composite Mat, Polyester mat, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass fabric, self-adhesive tape, etc.

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The daily production of polyester mats can be 50,000 square meters, fiberglass alkali-proof mesh 60,000 square meters and fiberglass combination non woven 150,000 square meters.These products are mainly exported to Russia, Poland, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Middle East, etc. And we are well received for superior quality and competitive prices.

Forewer Polyester mat, Compound mat and Fiberglass mat are designed, manufactured and tested comply with ISO 9001, we promised of 100% are good quality  and meet international standards.

  • CE Certification
  • FSC Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • OHSAS 18801 Certification

Polyester mat

Spunbond Polyester mat|Long Polyester mat|Short Fiber Polyester Mat|Staple Fiber Polyester Mat

Polyester Mat is made from high quality Polyester chips by machine spinning、needle punching finalizing、glue coating 、drying and sizing to make the felt with high tensile strength, high extension,puncture resistance,good resistance to corrosion, anti-aging, heat resistance, thermal stability, permeability by hot bitumen

Compound Mat

Compound mat (Fiberglass compound mat) is made of two layers,the top layer is fiberglass mesh,the bottom layer is cotton mat,through high temperature, stoving, finalizing the design.
It is a kind of reinforcement combination material. It is characterized as high tensile strength,easy soakage by bitumen,low cost and so on.
It is often used as the base mat of Modified SBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane, which often used in the underground,building roofing, ground and pond,etc.

Compound mat Features:

  • Excellent alkaline resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Good dimensional stability and deformation resistance

  • Good adhesion with resins and water resistance

  • Temperature stability and flame resistance

  • Soft, flexible and well arranged, simple and easy to apply.

  • Durable, versatile and cost-effective .

Compound mat application:

  • Compound mat is often used as the base mat of modified APP/SBS bitumen waterproofing membrane,which is often used in the underground,building roofing,ground and pond,etc.

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass mats is combined by 100% glass fiber by strong adhesive with high-temperature drying to get the finished roll .Fiberglass Mats has high tensile strength, especially in vertical direction (machine direction), it is meanly used to be used as the base reinforcement of bitumen waterproof membrane and asphalt shingles .it is easy to be coated by hot bitumen .with competitive price compared to polyester mat . Welcomed by waterproof materials factories all over the world.

Fiberglass mat Features and Advantage:

  • Raw materials—100% glass fiber

  • Application—widely used to be used as the base reinforcement of bitumen waterproof membrane and asphalt shingles

  • Advantage—easy to be coated by hot bitumen .with competitive price compared to polyester mat

Butyl tape Features and advantages:

  • Self adhesion without bonding agent or torching.

  • Good rubber elasticity and elongation

  • Excellent binding power

  • Good self-coalescence

  • Safe application, no pollution have reach certification

Butyl tape

waterproof butyl tape|construction repairing butyl tape

Butyl  tape is made of butyl rubber, PIB as basic material. Polyethylene film, aluminium foil as surface finished material. the thickiness range 0.25-3mm.

Butyl tape Application:

  • Guttering, down pipes, skylights

  • window frames& chimneys

  • Jointing for artificial grass

  • Caravans & Conservatories

  • Sealing parapets, valley gutters

  • Roof repair of portable buildings

  • Seals capping bolts & roof ridges

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